Vague watch co. GRY FAD




🇯🇵VAGUE WATCH CO ⏱ 品牌理念 是將 舊古董錶既 優良設計 和 魅力重現 。 “ GRY FAD”配備了日本製造的自動上鍊機芯。 錶圈經過鞣製 變灰的外觀,並且 主體外殼 和 不銹鋼錶帶 經過特別處理,營造使用 多年的質感。 錶盤:不銹鋼[尺寸40mm]。 MOVT:日本製造的自動機芯 玻璃:圓頂形硬質水晶玻璃 錶帶:不銹鋼錶帶,灰色尼龍錶帶[尺寸20mm]。 配件:原裝小郵袋,皮帶更換工具 耐水性:100m防水💦 購買需知/ Purchase Notice... 🇭🇰現貨/ 訂購7-10天...寄到香港 ❓歡迎使用以下方法 查詢 Welcome to whatsapp/ wechat/ instagram inbox to inquire the actual delivery time 💰一旦付款 我們將不接受退款 不能更改尺寸/ 款式 🕵️‍♂️如發現質量問題 請於七天內向我們提出 逾期恕不處理 ✈️Worldwide Shipping 🌎🌍🌏 每件商品 包含...Vague Watch Co店發出: 調校錶帶工具 保證卡一張 收納盒一個 The third diver type watch, "GRY FAD", is equipped with an automatic movement made in Japan. As the name suggests, the bezel looks like it has been tanned by the sun and turned gray, and the case and stainless steel belt have been aged to reproduce the texture of having been used for many years. It comes with a gray nylon belt, an original pouch, and a tool for changing the belt. The case and wind shield have been redesigned for this model change, and unnecessary parts have been cut down. Please take a look at this upgraded model. CASE : Stainless steel [ size 40mm ]. MOVT : Automatic movement made in Japan GLASS : Dome-shaped hard crystal glass Belt : Stainless steel belt, nylon [ size 20mm ]. Accessories : Original pouch, Belt changing tool Water resistance : 100m