Vague watch co. BLK SUB with GUIDI... NATO belt




🇯🇵VAGUE WATCH Co 的旗艦型號“ BLK SUB” 是以在1970年代, 發給某個國家的 海軍軍官的潛水錶 為 設計藍本。 配上GUIDI&ROSELLINI馬皮錶帶... “GUIDI&ROSELLINI 是一家歷史悠久的意大利制革廠,使用了持續100多年的鞣製工藝。 而錶帶是由日本熟練的工匠製造。 錶帶也可以單獨購買的💥 購買需知/ Purchase Notice... 🇭🇰現貨/ 訂購4-7天...寄到香港 ❓歡迎使用以下方法 查詢 Welcome to whatsapp/ wechat/ instagram inbox to inquire the actual delivery time 💰一旦付款 我們將不接受退款 不能更改尺寸/ 款式 🕵️‍♂️如發現質量問題 請於七天內向我們提出 逾期恕不處理 ✈️Worldwide Shipping 🌎🌍🌏 每件商品 包含...Vague Watch Co店發出: 更換錶帶工具 保證卡一張 收納盒一個 VAGUE WATCH Co.'s flagship model "BLK SUB" is equipped with a belt and a base made of horse leather of "GUIDI&ROSELLINI" in Italy, GUIDI&ROSELLINI's horse leather is difficult to obtain and there is no other one processed into a watch belt. GUIDI&ROSELLINI's horse leather is hard to find and no one else can make it into a watch belt, and the belt is made by skilled craftsmen in Japan. CASE : Stainless steel, IP BLK plated [ size 40mm ]. MOVT : Quartz movement made in Japan BODY : Dome-shaped hard crystal glass Belt : NATO Horse Leather Belt [ size 20mm ]. Horse Leather Accessories : Original Pouch, BLK Nylon Belt [ size 20mm] Water resistance : 100m Water resistant Country of origin : China [ Aging process and belt production : Japan]